Walk with us as we unpack the

impact of sexual abuse

My freedom journey

My recovery spanned numerous attempts and many years.

I struggled to find my words, I doubted my memory, I hid the truth, and I pretended to be “ok”.

Nothing resolved it for me and underneath it all, I knew I needed help. I hated that I needed help, but the suffering finally outweighed the shame, and I reached out for help at the age of 25.

Updates from Connie

Free Healing Retreat

“Each individual copes with his/her story differently, but all survivors of sexual abuse need to receive the unfettered, overwhelming, exuberant love of Christ.” – Pastor


Facing Forward

by Connie Cobb

Throughout time, God has consistently led His children towards hope and healing.

His efforts are as endless as the waves of the sea that continually reach for the shoreline. In the first chapters of Joshua, there is an account of God’s people being led to the land He had promised them.

One declaration was repeatedly made for the reassurance of those who were following His lead; be strong and courageous because your God is with you. That same reassurance applies to us today. I encourage you to take your first steps to honestly seek out God’s presence in this process.