Facing Forward

“Who is this coming up from the wilderness, leaning upon her beloved?”
Song of Songs 8:5 ( NIV )

The above Bible verse paints a beautiful picture of a woman walking away from an empty, barren land with the help of her beloved. There is a clear sense she has chosen to turn her back on a desolate, difficult place of existence with a hope in her heart of moving towards something better. Her hope stems from the promise of her beloved Savior, Jesus Christ. With his outstretched hand comes the offer of redemption; restorative redemption from whatever holds her or us back in life. His invitation is to leave the wilderness behind and lean on Him as we face forward together towards a more productive, fruitful life.

Facing Forward is a study designed to help women face the difficult issues of sexual abuse. The program has gone through many edits and revisions over the years and is currently in the final stages of being published in book form. I have strived to consistently honor Facing Forward’s original purpose in providing a clear path to healing for women traumatized by sexual abuse.  The study is now available through your favorite bookstore as well as Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Xulon Press.

This site will be an ongoing project giving current updates and support to women who are in need of resources and a place of community that is geared toward healing from sexual abuse. I am able to undertake this calling on my life because I have walked the same paths as you and have gone through many of the same struggles. I am gratefully on the other side of this devastating trauma. My passion is to share the healing process I have found through faith, and encourage victims that they are not alone or helpless.

The passage quoted earlier from Song of Songs paints a perfect picture of us as we lean on Christ to begin moving forward in the Facing Forward study. His strength and wisdom will be a consistent guidepost as you begin unpacking the impact abuse has had in your life. Can you imagine the sense of relief you could feel from stepping out of your own personal wilderness and moving  forward, hand-in hand, with your Redeemer towards freedom? If you’re like me, you are more than ready to move beyond your sexual abuse.

Welcome to this website. I hope you feel blessed and encouraged by what you see. Please sign up in the space provided if you would like to receive blog posts, announcements, and updates on book signings, personal appearances and future Facing Forward classes.

Your Sister in Christ,

Connie Cobb

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Connie Cobb

Connie Cobb

Connie is a lay Christian counselor who has served in various ministries around the Atlanta area for over twenty years.


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